Dairy Nutrition

NPI GoldPass is an expeller processed soy protein.

NPI GoldPass provides a consistent source of high quality protein and amino acids for high producing dairy cows. NPI GoldPass provides a rich source of added energy, with a fat content of 5%. The typical protein content is 42% as fed and the 7% fiber comes from highly digestible soy hulls. The higher dry matter content (about 7% higher than regular soy) of the NPI GoldPass meal provides additional value in every ton and helps maintain improved flow-ability. The meal is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to produce a bypass soybean meal that has consistent particle size and color.

The bypass protein in the NPI GoldPass is a high quality bypass protein that compliments the amino acid needs of high producing dairy cows. The “in situ” rumen bypass measurements have been measured and tested at the Cumberland Valley Analytical Services to show a typical high bypass protein level of 60%. On-going quality assurance analysis is being done regularly to assure quality.

NPI GoldPass will generally replace the regular soybean meal and much of the other protein and bypass protein products in rations. Normal feeding rates for lactating dairy cows will range from 4 to 8 pounds per head per day, depending on the ration forages and production goals. We suggest that you consult with your Nutritionist to determine the optimum rate.


NPI GoldPass Analysis